About Us

The founder of 55Geeks has been in the industry for over than 25 years. I.T. has been his profession, passion, and favorite hobby since he was a teen. When first performed business in California back in 2008, it  became clear for him how frustrated individuals as well as organizations can be when having to deal with many different I.T technicians to get one service done .  Especially when it comes to business locations where each minute count towards schedule of tasks an cost of services.
Derived by our passion, and knowledge of what the market is missing, we at 55Geeks are committed to provide you with the services you need at your location, time, and budget convenience.  Therefore, we provide a great spectrum of services starting from simple maintenance and troubleshooting, electronic hardware installations, and system configurations, to building technological infrastructure for huge companies, and providing system maintenance and compliance training. Since we are a family business, we promise you the most competitive price in market, as well as a service performed with passion and professionalism.
Whether you need on-site, or remote service, rest assured that we always got your back, and will happily assist you.